Rumor: Dead Rising 3 takes place in California, stars orphaned auto mechanic

[Update] Capcom has told Shacknews: "We’ve made no announcements" regarding the rumored Dead Rising 3 details. [Original Story] Earlier today, Capcom teased the continuing zombie adventures of its Dead Rising franchise, but one report claims to have discovered the next title's deepest secrets. Dead Rising 3 reportedly takes place in the fictional town of Los Perdidos, California, that has been locked down after the zombie outbreak reaches its borders. An orphan auto mechanic named Rick is apparently the hero of this tale, who plans to restore a plane and fly out of the city before a bomb wiped the virus off the face of the earth.

Dead Rising 3's 'Rick'

The information comes from Siliconera, which cites an unnamed source for the information. According to the report, Dead Rising 3 will have an "undercurrent of themes about illegal immigration," One character in the game reportedly leads an underground group of infected people who have not been registered with the government, effectively making them "illegals." Rick (rumored concept art, left) will also meet those sympathetic to the plight of the infected, while other characters--like a crazy motorcycle gang member who rides a bike with a steam roller attached to the front--aren't as concerned with the infected's ordeal. Shacknews has questioned Capcom as to the accuracy of this report, but have not heard back at the time of publishing. [Image above from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record]