Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3's Vita touch controls detailed

The PlayStation Vita iteration of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will feature touch controls to take advantage of the device's feature, and now Capcom has detailed just how they'll work. A combination of virtual buttons and gestures will let you tap your way to a seizure-inducing victory.

Siliconera details the control scheme. You can drag to move and tap to attack, and continuing to tap will make chain combos. Flicking forward or back will dash, dragging down will duck, and flicking up will jump. A character icon button will be present, which can be tapped for an assist attack, or held to change the character. You can also tap the Hyper Combo gauge and X-Factor button to start those sequences.

The report also states that the game will use the Vita's "Near" feature, letting players gift each other gold Herald colors made specifically for the Vita version. The game is slated to hit alongside the Vita in Japan on December 17, but no North American release date has been given.