Atelier developer Gust acquired by Tecmo Koei

Gust, developers of cult JRPG favorites, like the Atelier and Ar tonelico series, has been acquired by Tecmo Koei. The Ninja Gaiden and Dynasty Warriors publisher is said to be pursuing the company due to the growing popularity of the Atelier series, especially in Japan.

According to financial documents announcing the acquisition, Tecmo Koei will be purchasing Gust through a total stock acquisition valued at 2.2 billion yen, or $28.3 million.

Andriasang reports that Tecmo Koei "hopes to raise the value of the IP by making use of it in a variety of fields." Perhaps we can expect a Dynasty Warriors Atelier? (We kid, of course. Tecmo Koei plans on releasing social expansions of the series.)

Currently, one Gust-developed game is scheduled for release Stateside. Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland will be available on PS3 next year. We've contacted long-time North American publishing partner, NIS America, about whether or not today's acquisition will have any effect on the game's release, or the future of their partnership.