Minecraft: Pocket Edition expansion plans detailed

The Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS and Android devices launched last month, to some mixed reactions from fans. The stripped-down version plays similarly to early versions of the PC Minecraft, and lacks many of its more recent features. Now Mojang has specified some updates in the works, but states they aren't trying to precisely duplicate the PC experience.

The plan outlined on Mojang's site is currently to add more Survival features to the pocket edition. This includes the ability to pick up and craft items, an inventory of items, and mobs like animals and enemies. The crafting in particular may go through various iterations, to make it feel right on touch devices.

Other adjustments include tweaking under the hood to optimize the code, making a new file system to support items and mobs, and experimenting with generated caves. It sounds like caves are already functional in a rough state in tests, but Mojang says it needs to make the caves work better before releasing the update that will add them to the game.

The company doesn't specify any dates, but it sounds like a hefty list of work for the team. Series creator Markus "Notch" Persson may oversee the project from a distance, but Mojang recently announced he'll be focusing on a new project as Jens Bergensten takes over the day-to-day Minecraft operations.