Trine 2 launch trailer swings into action

In case you missed the announcement at very short notice, good news! Frozenbyte's Trine 2 launches on PC and Mac today. If you did catch that, then, still, good news! A lovely launch trailer has arrived alongside the platformer, a treat for the eyes to raise your (ie my) spirits on this overcast chilly morning.

Trine 2 for PC and Mac unlocks on Steam today, though it can also be bought for $15 through other digital distributors including Direct2Drive and GamersGate. Trine 2 uses Valve's Steamworks suite for multiplayer, Steam Play, achievements, and the Steam Cloud, so, no matter where you buy, it's added to your Steam account.

The PlayStation Network edition is slated to launch on December 20, followed by the Xbox Live Arcade release on December 21. A Linux version is also due, in 2012.

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