Rumor: Sazh not in Final Fantasy XIII-2, may appear as DLC

Rumor has it that Sazh, one of the more popular characters from Final Fantasy XIII, may not appear in Final Fantasy XIII-2. A reveal from a Japanese magazine suggests that he'll be absent from the main story, but may appear later as downloadable content.

Details from the next Dengeki PlayStation are hitting early, and Andriasang reports that among the included news is word that Sazh won't be appearing. However, the magazine does reportedly quote Square-Enix representatives as saying, "Final Fantasy XIII-2 will continue after release, so look forward to later." That sounds an awful lot like DLC, which we've heard Square talk about before.

Sazh was the world-weary father with a Chocobo chick living in his afro. He also seemed to be the only character as confused about the plot as we were. If the rumor is true, we'll miss his beleaguered shrugs and "I'm too old for this" charm. He was basically the J-RPG Danny Glover.

Shacknews has contacted Square-Enix regarding the rumor, and will update as more information becomes available.