Vietnamese FPS '7554' retells First Indochina War

We're deeply familiar with games from western developers revisiting western military victories, but it's rare to play a 'foreign' developer's take on a 'foreign' victory against a western power. 7554 from Vietnamese studio Emobi Games is one such game, and a North American release has just been announced for March 2012. Curiously, it's all looking very Call of Duty.

7554 takes place towards the end of the First Indochina War, leading up to France's surrender on 7 May 1954 after the Battle of Dien Bien Phu--hence '7554.' Emobi says it "puts gamers on the front line of a colonial independence movement locked in battle against a technologically more advanced modern Western occupier."

Emobi explains, "Like many other Vietnamese game studios, the biggest objective of the 7554 team is to get Vietnamese gamers to play Vietnamese games, which will limit the dependence in foreign products and witness the thriving of high technology in Vietnam."

However, a "foreign" influence is still clearly felt, as a trailer shows 7554 bearing a striking similarity to Call of Duty and its heavily-scripted ilk. Given the global proliferation of western culture and the overwhelming success of the series, it's not at all surprising.

"Though 7554 is based on historical events, it is not an attempt to recreate the past," director Nguyen Tuan Huy says in the announcement, "but rather it is a vehicle meant for entertainment."

7554 will be released for PC in March 2012, priced at $12. Check out the official website for more information.