Shifting World bringing Flash series 'Shift' to 3DS

The madcap experiments of world-flipping puzzle-platformer Shift are leaping from web browsers to Nintendo 3DS in Shifting World, publisher Aksys Games announced today. As well as, naturally, shifting to 3D, Shifting World is picking up both a level editor and a level generator.

Shifting World involves flipping the monochromatic world to pass obstacles solve puzzles--up becomes down, intangible becomes solid, and black becomes white. Being trapped in a science experiment is rarely simple, you know.

The "level generator of awesomeness" uses pictures of DataMatrix barcodes taken with the 3DS camera, so you can play 'on' random items from around your flat.

Shift developer Fishing Cactus previously brought the series to iOS and PSN Minis in Shift Extended, and is behind Shifting World too. For a taste of what it'll be like, you can always play the original Shift series online. Here's the first game, and the rest.