Only 33% of Heavy Rain players kept everyone alive

With Heavy Rain: Director's Cut in stores, developer Quantic Dream has released a number of interesting facts about the game. Three million people have played the game, but only 33% of those players managed to keep everyone alive. The interactive choose-your-own-adventure title features numerous ways for all of the characters to die, and it appears most players fell into one of the many death traps.

IGN revealed that 65% of players managed to save Shaun from the clutches of the Origami Killer--meaning Shaun has virtually died about a million times. Yikes!

Only 4% of players saw all the endings available in the game, a requirement for earning the game's elusive Platinum Trophy (of which 3% of gamers managed to snag).

With three million sales, Heavy Rain is one of the best-selling PlayStation 3 exclusives to date. No wonder Quantic Dream's next game will also be a PS3-exclusive.