Minecraft toying with official LEGO sets

From blocks it came, and from blocks it may return. Minecraft developer Mojang is playing with ideas for official LEGO sets based upon the indie dig 'em up, vowing to donate royalties to charity.

Mojang is raising support through LEGO's crowd-sourcing site Cuusoo, which lets users share their ideas for official sets. Projects which gain enough support are reviewed by LEGO to see if they're up to becoming official sets.

"The LEGO people asked us to do our own submission," Mojang explains on Facebook. "So now we are trying to work out everything with LEGO to make this happen."

Fans had previously submitted Minecraft ideas to Cuusoo, but this one's official. Mojang is collaborating with some of the folks behind unofficial Minecraft Cuusoo projects, "to shape the idea."

"Minecraft is about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine in the virtual world. You can build anything you imagine with LEGO bricks in the physical world," Mojang says. "Minecraft and LEGO were meant to be together."

With over four million copies of Minecraft sold, it's no surprise that Cuusoo was flooded with "unusually high traffic" following the announcement, and was taken offline for maintenance "to account for the volume." It's a fair bet that Minecraft LEGO will hit its supporter target, then, but do go support the project if you want to see it happen.