Kid Icarus 3D Classics gets enhanced visuals

Nintendo's dipping back into its NES archives yet again with another 3D Classics re-release. Kid Icarus will arrive on the 3DS, just in time for the newly reimagined Kid Icarus: Uprising. However, unlike the other 3D Classics re-releases so far, Kid Icarus looks completely different than the original. Why? Because it's received a visual facelift. Gone are the black backdrops of the NES game. The 3DS adds backgrounds, probably to enhance the new 3D effects. Not quite impressed by the revamp? Well, let's look at how the original NES game fared:

NES version on the left; 3DS version on the right

As Tiny Cartridge points out, "This game looks awesome with even static backgrounds. I’m genuinely impressed. They look kind of better than the NES could do, giving it a PC Engine-esque look. I’m so down for this."