Infinity Blade 2 hits memory bug on iPad 1, iPod Touch

Infinity Blade 2 launched just yesterday on the App store, and subsequently rocketed to the top of the Games section of the App Store. But a few iOS devices are running into a memory bug, specifically the iPad 1 and the iPod Touch. Epic Games VP Mark Rein says the company is aware of it and working on a patch.

In a post on the Epic Games forum, Rein says the game has trouble with the two devices when users have a large number of apps installed. Their testing units didn't have lots of apps installed, which is how he speculates they missed the issue. The post doesn't mention any problems for the iPad 2 or iPhone devices.

"We're working on a quick fix and will submit an update to the store as soon as possible," he wrote. "In the meantime we're going to update the description in the iTunes App Store to mention that we're aware of this issue." In the meantime, Rein suggests that restarting your device is an easy way to solve memory issues in a pinch.