Rumor: Valve employee wears Half-Life 3 shirt

A mysterious Valve employee was reportedly spotted wearing a Half-Life 3 shirt, making for either a coy hint or a cruel troll. Possibly both. The Valve employee was spotted by another games professional at an industry event, who snapped the photo to share it with the world so all can share in the renewed cries for more Half-Life.

"All I'm saying is I saw this at a local game developer event worn by a Valve employee," tweeted Uber Entertainment's Chandana Ekanayake (via PC Gamer). He didn't provide any more info on the Valve employee, so a close-up of the t-shirt from a second-hand source is all we have.

What does it mean? Probably nothing. But it's a sign that Valve is thinking about Half-Life 3, at least. It's been seven years since the release of Half-Life 2, and four since Episode 2. The concept of "Valve Time" is named after the company's careful, deliberately slow pace when creating a game, but something has to be in the works by now, right?