Mass Effect 3's combat enhancements detailed

There's been a lot of hubbub over Mass Effect 3's features, whether it's the story, DLC, or its controversial multiplayer mode. However, how will it play? The latest episode of BioWare Pulse goes over some of the enhancements being rolled into the upcoming space shooter-RPG.

"Every class gets a new, unique power," BioWare notes. In the video, BioWare shows off the deployable sentry turret for the Engineer class, as well as the Vanguard's powerful new Nova ability.

Eric Fagnan, gameplay designer, and Corey Gaspur, combat designer, go over the enhancements. Engineers can deploy a sentry turret... but so can enemy engineers! Thankfully, you'll be able to hack into their turrets to use their weapons against them. The Engineer's Overload ability has been upgraded in ME3, giving you the ability to chain the blast between multiple enemies.

Vanguard (my class of choice) gets a new power called "Nova." This is a close-range ability that depletes your shield and launches a powerful shockwave around you. It's called a "high-risk/high-reward" ability--something Vanguard types should be quite familiar with.

"Our team has put a lot of work into making sure each class has different ways of interacting with enemies in unique and interesting ways," the video concludes.

Mass Effect 3 will be available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on March 6th.