Prison Architect unveiled by Introversion

Darwinia and Defcon developer Introversion Software has given the first look at its new game, Prison Architect, in a new trailer. The prison sim is the mysterious project the English indie dropped crime caper Subversion for.

"Prisons are an emotive and political issue, and if mishandled a game about prisons would probably be a very uncomfortable experience. We think we've got the feel about right," lead designer Chris Delay explained.

"Many people have correctly identified our big influences for this project in Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, or just about anything by Bullfrog. We love those games so much, and mixing their mechanics with a topic like prisons has been an incredibly satisfying creative challenge."

There's no firm word on when Prison Architect will be released, nor confirmation of platforms, though Introversion's past games have hit PC, Mac and Linux.

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