Shack PSA: Call of Duty Elite Founder registration ends today

Now that Call of Duty Elite is fully operational, perhaps you'll consider subscribing? Activision's premium COD service offers extra benefits for "Founders," and today is the last day you can get the shiny, special "permanent designation" that only a million other people have so far.

Founders get an exclusive title, emblem, and weapon camo to use in Modern Warfare 3, as well as a private discussion group in the Elite Connect section. You also get 500 XP for your clan, and "exclusive competitions and prizes that only Founders can enter."

According to One of Swords, Founder status is permanent, meaning you'll keep these benefits "even if you decide not to subscribe next year." But, you don't plan on giving up on Call of Duty 9, right?

If you do decide to purchase the $50 subscription today, it may take up to 48 hours for your Founder status to activate. "As long as you activated your account before the end of November, you will be given the benefits." The only way you can get Founder status beyond today's deadline is by having an unopened copy of the sold-out Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3, which includes a voucher that will grant Founder status even after the deadline.