World of Warcraft patch 4.3 tolls Hour of Twilight

Deathwing shall fall in World of Warcraft patch 4.3, which launches today. It adds three new dungeons and one new raid, the Raid Finder feature, Transmogrification for items, class balance tweaks, and heaps more.

Dubbed 'Hour of Twilight,' the patch takes players on a quest across a string of dungeons to defeat Deathwing, Cataclysm's main villain, in a climatic raid. You'll visit the future and the past, preparing to defeat the dastardly dragon. Naturally, these bring new loot to covet.

If you don't like how the new gear looks, though, you can now change that. The Transmogrification feature lets players grant weapons and armor the look of other items, without affecting their stats at all. If you adore the huge bonuses today's high-end raid sets provide, but don't like their style, you can now be both suave and safe through Transmogrification.

The new Raid Finder will help you get that new loot in the first place. Like the Dungeon Finder, the Raid Finder draws players from across different Realms to create a balanced raid group. It's kicking off with a special tuned 25-player version of patch 4.3's new Dragon Soul raid, with three difficulty levels to choose from.

You'll also find a revamped Darkmoon Faire, faster leveling through Outland and Northrend, a legendary quest for rogues with snazzy new daggers, Void Storage, and oh so much more. Check out the patch notes for the full rundown.