Unofficial Skyrim map app incoming

The world of Skyrim can be a little daunting, with virtual miles of densely packed landscape to cover. An upcoming unofficial app named Dragon Shout hopes to alleviate those concerns a bit. The first version has just been submitted to Apple, so it should hit within the next few days, for free.

TouchArcade reports that the map lets you set your own annotated markers anywhere on the map. "For example, yesterday I played Skyrim and left a bunch of dragon scales and bones on the side of a mountain because they were too heavy," the creator said. "I will come back and get them some other time so I marked it on the map so I know where it's at in the future. Another example is I'm always looking for the right ingredients for potions, so when I come across an important ingredient, I mark it on the map so I know where to get it next time."

Those features will be included in the first release of the app, but in time the creators have bigger plans in mind. It's set to become a social hub with marker sharing, chats, and pictures. The creators tweeted that the ultimate goal is to make it "a true 'user's' guide - built by users."