Skyrim 1.2 update on PS3 today, PC/360 Wednesday

As promised, the first set of fix-it patches for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are on track to hit this week. The PlayStation 3 patch is already available on the PlayStation Network in Europe and coming to North America by the end of the day, while the PC and Xbox 360 patches are expected to drop on Wednesday.

The Bethesda Blog details the changes, promising a fix to the texture install issues on 360 and lag from long-term play on PlayStation 3. PC-specific fixes include a start-up crash related to the audio sample rate, letting you exit menus with the ESC key, fixed mouse sensitivity issues, and general button remapping fixes. This is not to be confused with a previous PC patch that tied the game to Steam.

Bug-fixes unrelated to specific platforms include projectiles not fading, dead guests at weddings, dragon and enemy corpses cleaning properly, pacifist dragons, an NPC sleeping animation bug, a fix to the skeleton key functionality, renaming enchanted weapons and armor, and dragons not giving souls after death.

This might not squash all of the bugs, but Bethesda promises to keep an eye out on forums and blogs for more bug reports. The glitches apparently haven't impacted the game's success too much, as it's enjoyed good sales and high marks from critics. Still, this should make it a little easier-going for anyone who wanted to wait to jump on.