Uncharted 3 patch adds alternate aim, cutscene viewer

If you played Uncharted 3 over the Thanksgiving weekend, you may have noticed a new patch had gone live. So, what does version 1.02 do? Most importantly, it introduces a new "alternate aim setting" for gamers that found the controls of Uncharted 3's single player mode problematic.

Naughty Dog invited gamers to help tweak the controls after initial complaints that the changes made to Uncharted 3's aim were for the worse. The "alternate aim settings" added in 1.02 should make the game feel more like Uncharted 2.

To enable the new settings, you'll have to go to Camera options and turn them on.

Patch 1.02 also adds a movie cutscene viewer in the Bonuses menu, letting you relive some of Drake's more cinematic moments without the need to "press buttons" or "push the analog stick forward." The patch also fixes the motion blur effects in the single player campaign.

A number of other multiplayer-centric bugs have been addressed in 1.02 as well, and are detailed on Naughty Dog's website. "Thank you for playing and your patience while we built and released this patch," Naughty Dog's Eric Monacelli noted. "A lot of your feedback went into making this patch happen so keep letting us know what you think of the game. Continue to let us know in the forums of any technical issues you might stumble across. Hope you’re enjoying Uncharted 3!"