Rumor: Sony working on Smash Bros-style fighter

Who would win in a fight? PaRappa the Rapper or Sackboy? Sly Cooper or Jak? Clank or Buzz? Sony has three generations' worth of mascots to call from, making a Smash Bros-styled mash-up entirely feasible. A new rumor suggests that's exactly what Sony is working on.

Developer SuperBot Entertainment is supposedly working on a new PS3 exclusive. Previous job listings confirm that the team is, indeed, working on a fighting game, with calls for a senior combat designer and a lead designer with "strong familiarity with online mode and matchmaking design." In addition, a picture of employees playing with arcade fighting sticks leaked online.

Paul Gale Network claims that the purported fighter is called "Title Fight," and will feature PaRappa, Kratos, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, and more in the Smash Bros-inspired brawler.

A Twitter account for one of the game's senior level designers (now removed) featured a number of images supposedly from the game's development, including a detailed Sweet Tooth character model, and another image referencing Kratos. Thankfully, NeoGAF managed to save the pictures before they were taken down.

Should the rumor be true, "Title Fight" will be remarkably similar to a PlayStation advertisement released earlier this year, which featured quite the assortment of PlayStation mascots:

As expected, Sony offered the standard "we do not comment on rumour or speculation" line to Eurogamer when pressed for confirmation.