Vita won't support PSone games at launch

Arguably, one of PSP's greatest features was the ability to play PSone classics on it. We could play the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy VII on the go, and we were quite content.

Unfortunately, it appears Vita won't be able to offer the same... at least for now. Sony has confirmed that its upcoming handheld will not be able to play Game Archives at launch.

Sony Japan's website details the omission clearly. A translation from Andriasang reads: "It won't be supported at the time of the PS Vita launch." The lack of PSone support is curious, given the Vita's much more capable specs. Perhaps the Sony team ran into some snafus when attempting emulation on the new platform?

"Regarding future support, we'll share details later," Sony notes. We've contacted SCEA to see if we can unearth additional details regarding this omission.