Call of Duty Elite will be operational for Thanksgiving

While Call of Duty Elite should have been running perfectly from day one, it hasn't. The service has been spotty since launch, and Activision has promised that services would be fully operational by December 1st. It appears the timetable has been moved up a bit, as the publisher is now saying that the Call of Duty subscription service will be fully operational for Thanksgiving and the holiday weekend.

"We are where we should have been at launch," said Daniel Suarez, vice president of production at Activision. "It should be an enjoyable holiday weekend for people."

"Every week, we have progressively improved," Suarez told VentureBeat. "Everything is now up and running."

Coinciding with the Thanksgiving weekend is the launch of Friday Night Fights, an Elite-exclusive video series that lets "real life rivals settle their differences Call of Duty style via epic multiplayer battles." The first episode will pit the US Army against the US Navy.

The following week will debut a mobile companion app for Elite as well.

It appears that Activision is finally getting all the pieces in place with its Call of Duty Elite service, meaning the one million fans that subscribed can stop being so disgruntled. After Elite is fully operational on console, the company plans on working on a PC version.