Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk HD remake rolling onto iOS, Android

Codemasters signalled the return of cult favourite egg Dizzy yesterday, sparking intense conversation in a small subset of middle-aged British men. Surely Codies wouldn't turn Dizzy into an FPS? Or a Facebook game? Not... an MMORPG? Perhaps a new Dizzy-led handheld platform?

Today, the publisher revealed it's an 'HD' remake of Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk for iOS and Android devices.

Prince of the Yolkfolk was originally released in 1991. Though it was one of the Dizzy series entries not developed by his creators, the famed Oliver Twins, it was, Codies notes, "one of his most popular arcade eggperiences."

Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk is slated to rise on 'Egg-mergence Day,' December 9. There's no word on the price yet.

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