Codemasters reviving Dizzy brand

Codemasters has announced plans to publish a new title under the Dizzy brand, a move sure to excite nostalgic Europeans with fond memories of the 48k Spectrum, while also prompting scores of Americans to wonder, "Who the heck is Dizzy?"

Dizzy is an anthropomorphic egg that tumbles and somersaults while jumping, and is the brain-child of the Oliver Twins--Andrew and Philip (now of Interactive Studios). He first appeared in "Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure," published by Codemasters in 1986. The intrepid egg went on to star in eight more core Dizzy games, the last of which--The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy--came out in 1993 (and was the only Dizzy game to see an American release).

Most of the games were eventually converted for Commodore 64, Atari ST, and Amiga, and Dizzy also appeared in a handful of spin-offs, compilations, and fan-made titles. His last official appearance outside of fan-made games was by way of a six-game Dizzy compilation released in 1994.

A "formal announcement" about Dizzy's return is expected from Codemasters tomorrow, which will hopefully reveal whether or not the next game will be a remake or a completely new title.

(via Develop)