Beyond Good & Evil 2 concept art spotted

Ubisoft has a weird, semi-neglectful relationship with Beyond Good & Evil 2. The company keeps reassuring us that it's still an active project, only to then forget to say or show anything about it for months at a time. Most recently we heard that the game is too ambitious for this generation, but that hasn't stopped series creator Michel Ancel from showing off concept art at the Montpellier in Game 2011 conference.

The footage (via Joystiq) shows off some character art and environments to wet your whistle. Of course, you'll have to deal with the fact that it's all shakier than a Michael Bay fight sequence, and completely in French.

But, the presentation ends with the concept footage that we saw way back in May of 2009, thus confirming it was the real deal. We had all kind of shrugged and assumed anyway, and it's been more than two years so most people forgot, but it's still something. And something is more than we've gotten out of Ubisoft through any official channels, so we'll take we we can get.