Skyrim PC patch brings RAM limit back down

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim received a PC patch yesterday, but apparently the patch carries unintended consequences. The patch makes Steam a requirement to run, which introduces the unfortunate side-effect of disabling a third-party workaround to a relatively low RAM limit.

Rock Paper Shotgun notes that the third-party fix allowing the game to access more than 2GB of RAM makes a big difference. Namely, it lets users run more mods on top of it, which can have a big impact on the visuals, as pointed out by Xav and the Shacknews community. A new workaround fixes the RAM problem without impacting the new patch, but RPS is skeptical that Bethesda itself will officially raise the RAM limitation.

As reported yesterday, console patches are in certification and aiming to come out in the week after Thanksgiving. The patches are expected to address the install issue on Xbox 360, and the lag/framerate problems on PS3.