Crusader: No Regret infiltrates GOG

Virtual video game vendor Good Old Games' rummage around in the back catalog of Electronic Arts continues to turn up treasure, today producing Origin Systems' Crusader: No Regret. The top-down tactical shooter is sequel to Crusader: No Remorse, which combat-rolled onto GOG in June. Expect more infiltration, more destructible environments, and more gruesome death animations.

Set a mere 46 hours after No Remorse, No Regret takes the series in a more action-y direction, including removing the weapon limit. There are also new ways to horrifically kill the forces of naughty mega-corporation the World Economic Consortium, and their office staff too, if you fancy.

Sadly, Origin only made two Crusader games, though several more were once planned. Fan site Echo Sector has design documents and scripts for some, if you're curious.

You can buy Crusader: No Regret now on GOG for $5.99. Shack sister site Mobygames has more information on it, too.