Major Battlefield 3 update coming to PC next week

A major update is coming to Battlefield 3, DICE revealed in a blog post earlier today. "Next week we are publishing a significant Battlefield 3 client update for the PC," the post announced, noting that a console patch will "follow shortly" after the PC update is available.


DICE says that the PC patch will improve everything from overall game polish, stability, weapons balancing, squad functionality, user interface enhancements, and more, but did not provide a detailed breakdown of patch notes at this time.

"Several feature enhancements" are also included in the update that DICE says address feedback from the Battlefield 3 community. Additionally, the developer notes it will remove "the so called 'negative mouse acceleration' that some" have experienced. The exact date for the patch will be revealed next week, the blog adds, along with a detailed breakdown of all of its fixes.

As for cheating and boosting, DICE says it will continue to analyze data to hold the proper gamers accountable for their actions, which includes consequences like bans and stat wipes.