Enemy Front, Stuart Black's WWII FPS, announced

Long, long ago, in the dark and distant days of the mid-2000s, players rose up and cried with one voice, "Enough World War II shooters!" But now, after several years of relentless Call to Arms: Modern Battleops, perhaps we'd appreciate a chance to shoot those zany old Nazis back again? City Interactive would certainly hope so, as it's just announced WWII shooter Enemy Front, with Black creator Stuart Black signed on as chief designer. Enemy Front takes place across several years of World War II, ranging from France to Berlin. Dropped behind Nazi lines, you'll dabble in espionage, sabotage, and, of course, shooting faces. It's all built upon CryEngine 3, which is said to power "fully destructible maps." City teases a "realistic tale" which touches on "notable historical threads," including the cracking of the Enigma code and goings-on at Hitler's Eastern Front HQ, the Wolf's Lair. Yet, curiously, you're ultimately working to stop a "terrifying weapon that will all but assure a global Nazis victory." A Nazi superweapon! Gosh, how we've all missed those. Stuart Black's last project was the thoroughly average FPS Bodycount, though he left developer Codemasters Guildford long before that was finished. Enemy Front is headed to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in 2012.

Tonight we're gonna shooty like it's 1945