Painkiller sequel considered as DreamCatcher relaunched

The Painkiller franchise will be revived as long-defunct publisher DreamCatcher is being revived. The company, which was acquired by Nordic Games earlier this year, will be relaunched in an attempt to resell its back-catalog and develop sequels to its "bestselling brands and licenses." Specifically noted are Painkiller, a first person shooter series originally developed by People Can Fly, and Safecracker, a puzzle series.

Nordic Games, the parent company of the relaunched DreamCatcher label, has already successfully relaunched JoWood and The Adventure Company, and hopes to find repeat success. "Our approach is to assess the performance of DreamCatcher’s portfolio through back-catalog sales, and as a consequence develop sequels to its bestselling brands and licenses, just as we did with our other two publishing labels," CEO Lars Wingefors told Gamasutra.

It's unclear who would develop a new Painkiller game. Developer People Can Fly last collaborated with Epic Games on Bulletstorm.