Modding The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The swiftness of the modding community cannot be denied, as evidenced by the plethora of quality mods already available for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In less than two weeks, sources like the fine folks at the Skyrim Nexus have churned out content to enhance, customize, and even change some of the experience offered by developer Bethesda Softworks. Last night, I examined a handful of these mods and have a laundry list of suggestions for you to enhance your PC experience in Skyrim. You can also find a number of the best mods on the Skyrim Filepage on Shacknews.com, saving you from being forced to register elsewhere. First on everyone's list, should be the "No More Blocky Faces", "Detailed Faces" and "Detailed Body" mods. These two mods will make the human-like characters appear much more natural than what is available by default. As for the Detailed Faces V2 and Detailed Bodies mods, each sharpens and enhances some of the duller textures in characters, giving the inhabitants of Skyrim a little more life. Both mods were created by Nexus user Xenius. KenMod's "Display Time on Loading Screen" is a small mod that does wonders for the real-world. I've already lost track of all time while playing Skyrim, so this mod helps keep me connected. It adds a stylish clock to the lower-left corner of each of the game's loading screens with your computer's current time. Also, the latest version includes the competition percentage on your character's progress bar, letting you know how close you are to the next level.

But what day is it?

"Enhanced Night Sky" from CptJoker71 makes evenings in Skyrim even more gorgeous. There are three versions of this mod, allowing you to select the density of stars that inhabit the sky. Also, it won't conflict with the appearance of constellations that are found within the game.

Wish on a star that dragons don't eat you while you sleep

"Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks" from crazygNexus allows you to use your own remapped keys, rather than the hard coded ones included in the game. In a game that could potentially span hundreds of hours, this is an invaluable addition. There are plenty of other quality mods. Make sure to check out necessary additions like "FXAA Post Process Injector" from Retspadez and "Enhanced Blood Textures" from dDefinder1. Do you have a favorite Skyrim PC mod? Let us know in the comments below!