Good Old Games to sell more new games

Throwing caution (and its name) to the wind, Good Old Games is moving into selling new games alongside its classic stock. The distributor plans to start rolling out the initiative in 2012 and 2013, and is already making exclusive release deals with some indie developers and publishers

"Traditionally, GOG.com has looked for great classics that are three years old or older," managing director Guillaume Rambourg said. "We will continue to add classic games, of course, but we are actively working to sign newer titles now.

"Of course, these new titles will have to come at a new, higher price point, but our key focus will always be on the same core values that have made GOG.com great so far: completely DRM-free games, flat prices everywhere in the world, and extra content and goodies for our fantastic customers."

Eurogamer reports that it's aiming to be the second-largest independent digital games shop on the Internet.

Rambourg says the success of The Witcher 2 helped show developers and publishers the value of GOG's service. It launched alongside the retail release, and gave our friends in Australia an easy way to dodge censorship. Steam predictably sold the most digital copies, but GOG made strong headway with 15% of digital sales.

"[Developers and publishers] are coming to GOG and asking if we can carry their titles," he said. "We've made GOG.com the destination for classic PC games, but now is the time to take this to the next level and emerge as the best alternative digital distribution platform for all PC games."