Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors coming to PSN

Though it's been over a decade since the last Darkstalkers game, Capcom has never forgotten about the fighting series. It's slipped Darkstalkers characters into numerous other games, with catgirl Felicia and succubus Morrigan always popular, and now it's bringing the very first game to PlayStation Network.

The PSN release of Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors is currently slated for November 29, Capcom announced. It'll be the 1996 PSone edition of the 1994 arcade game. Capcom didn't announce the price, but PSone Classics releases on PSN typically cost $5.99-9.99.

Rumors of the re-release sprang up earlier this month, when the ESRB had rated it for PS3 and PSP.

Darkstalkers' supernatural lineup of fighters include the nephew of Dracula, a mad scientist's Frankenstein's monster-like monster, bigfoot, an ancient mummy, and other things that go bump in the night. See a few of them in action in this gameplay recorded by Youtube user '24mrx':