Minecraft: Pocket Edition digs into iOS Thursday

It's a busy week for Minecraft, the world's leading dig 'em up. The PC edition will at long last launch officially on Friday at MineCon, and now it turns out the promised iOS version will launch tomorrow for your shiny iThings.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is already available on iTunes in New Zealand, which exists in the future. It's priced at NZ$9.99, which indicates that it should cost $6.99 in the US--the same as on Android.

"Minecraft PE will have multiplayer that allows Android users to play with iOS users," Mojang's Jens Bergensten confirmed on Twitter. The Pocket Edition debuted exclusively on Sony's Xperia Play pocket telephone in August, becoming available to other Android devices too in October.

As for the possibility of mobile and PC players getting together, Bergensten noted, "I'm not sure when/if that will be possible."