DC Universe Online bids you kneel before Zod

If it's been a while since you last kneeled before Zod, you may want to fire up DC Universe Online to check out the new raid launched today for the free-to-play MMORPG in Update 6: The Deadly Double Cross. As well as a fight against the cheeky Kryptonian, it adds new loot to covet.

You see, the kindly General Zod--shock of shocks--betrayed his supposed allies at the end of the last update's big story, so now he's cruising for a bruising. Superman and Lex Luthor, heroes and villains, all come together to you punch his face in, and those of his chums friends Non and Ursa.

New 'Kryptonian Military' weapons have been added, which may well come in handy, and the final 'Avatar' style pieces for clothes collectors.

DC Universe Online went free-to-play at the start of the month, but has struggled to cope with demand after picking up over 120,000 new players in the first few days alone. It's been overloaded and lagging at peak times, especially in busy areas, but Sony Online Entertainment has vowed to fix things up.

Now, while we do have a selection of screenshots from the update, what you really want to see is Zod and his chums up to mischief in the Superman movie. Oh Zod, you card!