Achron demo and price cut open up time travel

Any RTS player worth their salt knows that time is a valuable resource, but rarely as literally as in Achron. Given that time is money, if we factor in Hazardous Software releasing a demo for the time-travelling RTS and cutting its price, we end up with the nice, round number of 42. Whatever that means.

The 73MB demo, up for download here at Shacknews, packs two levels. "One is a longer tutorial level that introduces much of the time manipulation mechanics, including a time traveling adversary," Hazardous explains." In the other, you send units back through time to reinforce their previous selves to destroy a much larger army."

You see, Achron lets players futz around with the timeline, skipping back and forth between the past and the present, rewriting history to change battles they've already fought. If you've seen any network television sci-fi drama, your head may well be spinning with questions about paradoxes, so best you play the demo to see how it works.

For those the demo wins over, Hazardous has dropped the price of the game, which includes a spare copy to give to a chum. It launched at $30 but can now be had for only $20, direct from Hazardous, or through Steam and other digital distributors. Sadly, those who have already bought Achron cannot skip back to the past and buy at the new, lower price.