Once Upon a Monster getting 'Unidentified Furry Objects' next week

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster appears to be getting downloadable content next week, with an alien theme. The "Unidentified Furry Objects" DLC is said to hit November 22 for $5 (400 Microsoft Points). Much like real UFOs, though, most of the details are currently shrouded in mystery.

The tease came from the Major Nelson blog, teasing various sales and content coming to Xbox Live Marketplace. Since it only gives us a name, date, and price, we're still in the dark regarding the content itself. We've contacted Double Fine and WB Games for more details.

But hey, if you enjoyed the storybook adventures of Sesame Street with your kids, chances are the UFO DLC will provide more of that. It might be a nice way to spend your time on Thanksgiving Day after your little one gets excited from seeing the Elmo balloon.