Lands of Lore 1 & 2 land on GOG

The first two games in Westwood Studios' vintage RPG series Lands of Lore are the latest from EA's portfolio to arrive on digital distributor Good Old Games, landing today in a $5.99 double-pack.

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos, released in 1993, was a classic turn-based, Dungeon Master-style RPG of corridors and clicking. The 1997 sequel, however, took the series into real-time 3D with that most glorious technological wonder of the CD-ROM era--digitised characters.

You can buy the pair over on GOG, if you have fond memories of them to relive. Perhaps you might share some of your memories to help those who've never played them make up their minds?

Though Westwood is perhaps best-remembered nowadays for the Command & Conquer series, it did develop a number of RPGs and adventure games. Those tailed off after it was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1998. EA ultimately shut down the studio in 2003, merging with others to form EA Los Angeles.

A third Lands of Lore game was released in 1999. One might hazard a guess that we'll be seeing that on GOG some time too.