Battlefield 3 taclight balance tweaks incoming

DICE has taken a good look at the glaring imbalance of Battlefield 3's dazzling tactical flashlight, and decided to tone down the power of its blinding effect. The infrared scope and anti-air APCs are under investigation too. Core gameplay designer Alan Kertz unveiled the change on Twitter, with 'before' and 'after' images. There's no word when the change will actually go live, though, with Kertz noting, "I don't know when an update will be done." "It's mostly a range reduction," he explained to the Don't Revive Me Bro podcast (via PC Gamer). "If you get light in your face, it's still going to blind the hell out of you. At 25 metres, it's not that big of a deal." Kertz also revealed that DICE is "looking into" the infrared scope. Mobile anti-air vehicles might be tweaked too, both in how well they fare against air and how "ineffective" they are at anti-infantry. "There is definitely an issue with being hit by mobile air knocking you out of control. I don't feel like the damage that the mobile air does is such an issue as much as how badly it can knock you around while you're flying." Do give the podcast a listen for more thoughts on balance from Kertz.

The original dazzling long-range taclight

And its less absurd new form