now lets you turn off auto-renewal

Microsoft's process to let you opt out of auto-renewal for its Xbox Live Gold service has always been more than a little inconvenient. Now with the launch of the newly-revamped, you can change the auto-renewal options all by yourself like a grown-up.

Simply log in and go to "My Account" at the top to find the option. Several Reddit users (via WinRumors) have opted out, though some have hit error snags. User Kbrot notes that while the process is easier than before, Microsoft is still quite adamant about luring you back into the service. "I feel like they're latched to my ankles getting dragged as I walk away."

This is one of many changes to hit, as the company prepares to launch the new Xbox 360 dashboard. The new "Beacons" feature lets you set up appointments for playtime with friends, and that feature is already available on No date has been given for the dashboard update, but it would seem to be coming soon.