Move was considered for Uncharted 3

The Uncharted series tends to serve as a showpiece for Sony's hardware, and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception does its part to tout Sony's 3D push. But what about Sony's other proprietary technology, the PlayStation Move? Apparently Naughty Dog considered including it, but just couldn't make it fit into the series as it currently stands.

"Sony actually did approach us in the early stages of development and asked us to consider using the Playstation Move," Naughty Dog lead effects artist Keith Guerette told Just Push Start (via The Sixth Axis). "What we determined is that there really was no good way to properly take advantage of the Move without changing the game play, language, and presentation of Uncharted as we know it. If we do support the Playstation Move, or any other peripheral device/new technology, we want to be absolutely certain that it does both the device, and the game, their due justice."

As for future games in the franchise, Guerette doesn't seem certain if the studio's next project will be in the Uncharted series. "We definitely have more cool ideas for plot points and game play elements that we'd love to throw into the Uncharted world, and Sony obviously loves the franchise," Guerette said, "but we want to make sure that whatever our next project is, it'll be something refreshing, fun, and most importantly, worth the blood, sweat, and tears we will pour into it. We will never simply regurgitate a recipe to pump out a new game."