Limbo sells a million, coming to Mac

Artistic black and white platformer Limbo has sold a million copies worldwide, developer Playdead has announced. Originally released on Xbox 360 in July 2010, the game eventually made its way to PS3 and PC.

The success of Limbo has helped the studio buy back its independence, and help fund its upcoming game--a title which the studio says won't be ready for at least three years. "We are grateful to everyone who supported us over the past few years, and look forward to forging new partnerships that will both let us reach new heights as a studio and give our director, Arnt Jensen, room to grow creatively," Dino Patti, Playdead CEO said.

With a million sales behind it, the company is looking forward to expand the game to yet another platform. A Mac version is in the works, and should be available "before the end of the year."

The PC version was released on Steam for $9.99. It appears the Mac version will also take advantage of Steamworks. "I'm pretty sure you can even continue your PC progress," Patti told us.