Assassin's Creed Revelation will not use 'always-on' DRM

Despite the sad news that the PC version of Assassin's Creed Revelation has been delayed to December, Ubisoft has revealed something that will make PC gamers rejoice. Ubisoft is promising not to use its contentious "always-on" DRM for Ezio and Altiar's buddy comedy murderous rampage.

According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, rather than use its digital right management system, Ubisoft has stated Assassin's Creed Revelations will only require online activation "the very first time" you play the game. However, given the company's track record, it may be difficult to trust their word.

In the case of the downloadable game From Dust, Ubisoft initially stated that the game only required a "one-time" online activation to play. Soon after launch, gamers realized that the title actually required activation each and every time it launched. Ubisoft later patched the game to reflect its original statement.