Uncharted 3 hits 3.8M sales in one day

It seems that plenty of treasure hunters are digging into Nathan Drake's latest adventure, as Sony has announced that Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception sold 3.8 million copies in its first day. That global sales record puts it well on its way to be the best-selling game of the series so far.

It's important to note, though, that "sold" from Sony's perspective tends to mean "sold to retailers," so this likely isn't a customer sell-through rate.

"Uncharted 3 is a blockbuster and these incredible sales figures reflect that," said SCEE head of communications Nick Caplin, in the announcement. "Consumers are clearly as eager to play the game as critics were to heap praise upon it, and the team at Naughty Dog deserve this fantastic reception at retail. The Uncharted series, exclusive to PlayStation 3, has redefined the third-person adventure genre and is now one of the leading franchises available."

It's hard to specify an exact reason for the sales boom, so we're just going to chalk it up to sandwiches. The game has gotten a bit of a stir over its shooting controls, but it's generally getting a positive reception. Check out our own glowing review.