The Simpsons Arcade Game re-release rated

Backbone Entertainment has been busy working on current-gen re-releases of Konami's classic arcade games. The studio responsible for X-Men on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade appears to be working on yet another retro Konami hit: The Simpsons Arcade Game.

Originally released in 1991, Simpsons Arcade was the first video game adaptation of the popular animated series. You could play as Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa, and it played very similarly to Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

The Australian government's classification website shows a new listing for the game, developed by Backbone. While platforms aren't listed, it is a "multi platform" release--likely meaning both an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release are likely.

We've reached out to Konami for further confirmation.

(via XBLA Fans)