More Game of Thrones games on the way

The HBO series A Game of Thrones lends itself to video games. It's a solidly geeky property, a huge success for the "not TV" network, and it's got "game" right in the title. So if you thought the two announced Game of Thrones games were enough, oh how you were mistaken. A free-to-play MMORPG and a social networking game have been added to the pile.

USA Today (via IGN) reports that Bigpoint -- known for Battlestar Galactica Online -- is making the MMO. The social networking game is compared to Farmville, but no developer has been named. Both are due in 2012.

These two games join Cyanide's already-released strategy title A Game of Thrones - Genesis, and its upcoming RPG (so far) titled simply, A Game of Thrones. That game is also set for 2012. If nothing else, the new year is going offer plenty of options to satisfy your Thrones itch.