Power Rangers MMO brawler in closed beta

Power Rangers has enjoyed a baffling amount of success over its nearly 20-year run. The TV series/toy commercial was a booming success in the mid-90s, but then it just kept going. Since 1993, the TV show has continued through 16 different iterations, from time cops to ninjas to dinosaurs (again) to space cops. Its current iteration, Power Rangers Samurai, is one of the more popular shows airing on Nickelodeon.

Now developer Ntreev Soft is taking one of the many Power Rangers series, though not Samurai, and making a brawler MMO out of it.

Siliconera reports that Power Rangers Online is a side-scrolling MMO brawler featuring characters from Power Rangers Mystic Force. Players battle through stages as a teenager before it's morphin' time, after which they battle in costume. No Zord battles have been spotted just yet, but the game is only in closed beta with Red, Yellow, and Pink rangers available.

This sub-set of Power Rangers aired in 2006, meaning it must be among the more popular. That, or Ntreev just picked a series at random. Like each of the other series, five plucky teenagers take on the mantle of Power Rangers to battle an ancient evil, and intersperse youth melodrama with fight scenes from Japanese TV series. Now let that 17-year-gap between your interest in the series and now sink in and make you feel incredibly old.

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