Indigo Prophecy arrives on GOG

Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit), Quantic Dream's precursor to Heavy Rain, is now available DRM-free on Good Old Games at $5.99. As Heavy Rain is unlikely to ever to come to PC, Quantic's earlier stab at a multi-protagonist branching crime thriller is about as close as we'll get for now.

As in Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy switches between four characters as you uncover mysterious shenanigans. You'll get to play as a murderer, his priest of a brother, an NYPD detective, and a police sergeant, all kicking off with a nasty murder. Then... things get a bit weird. And that's just the quick-time events! (A classic 'pull back and reveal' punchline for you, there.)

GOG notes that its version includes a completed savegame, as that unlocks bonus goodies including the soundtrack and cinematics.

Head on over to GOG to buy Indigo Prophecy. And yes, it is the uncensored version, with all the sex and naughty bits intact.