Nitronic Rush races to Nov. 11 release

Indie developer Team Nitronic from the Digipen Institute of Technology has announced that its survival racing game called Nitronic Rush will be available for PC on November 11. Think of a run-to-survive title like Canabalt, replace the runner with a car, add heaping spoonfuls of the aesthetic sensibilities of Tron and Daft Punk, and you'll have a pretty good idea what to expect.


The neon vehicle the player drives has a bit more to it than four wheels and an engine, and players will need to utilize its boost, "wings," and jump capabilities to survive. The developer calls it a sort of "tribute to racing games of the '90's," though visually, aurally, and mechanically, Nitronic Rush offers up something new and different.

Nitronic Rush doesn't yet have a price listed, but will be available for purchase via the official website on November 11. We haven't gotten our hands on the game ourselves yet, but are pretty excited to do so based on the release announcement trailer.

BOOM video 11137

[via Joystiq]